Inspiring work by a young neighbour

I was thrilled to be asked to read this book by my neighbour (aged nearly 9) and thought it deserved an online review:

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‘Mad Mayhem’ is the first book in a brand new series called ‘The Kid’ by talented young author Vilu Borodi. In it we are introduced to Kye, ‘an ordinary boy’, but one who has already experienced tragedy in his young life. We share Kye’s sorrows and his hopes for the future, but, most importantly we join the boy in his hilarious revenge against the thoroughly nasty Miss Strict. Recommended for age 6-10.

‘The Kid: Part 1 – Mad Mayhem’ has already earned Vilu a richly deserved commendation from his Headmaster at The Croft in Stratford-upon-Avon (read more here).

Vilu Borodi is also the author of ‘The Funny Adventures of Albert the Frog’. He lives quietly in the Midlands with his parents and brothers.