Review by a young neighbour

I’ve just received a lovely surprise, a review by my young neighbour Vilu of a book I wrote to use when I’m working with years 5 and 6. I was so delighted, I thought I’d put it on the website.

Book review by Vilu Borodi

Book: Jeremy Jones and the School in the Harbour by Jenny Heap

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This book was given to me by the author Jenny who is our neighbour and my mum’s friend. I didn’t know Jenny was a real author until my mum told me a few weeks ago. I think it’s really cool!

The book is about a boy whose name is Jeremy Jones and he always writes e-mails to his best friend Tommy Tonks. Jeremy has recently moved into the dullest deadest town in Britain. We don’t know much about Tommy.  Jeremy writes about his new school which is very strange. I will not tell you why, in case you read it. It’s got something to do with pirates.

The book is written in e-mail format. It’s very interesting. I’ve never read a book like this.

I would give the book 8/10 but only because I didn’t understand some of the words, but otherwise it was very funny and easy to read. I would recommend the book to 9-12 year olds or maybe older too.

Thank you very much Jenny, for giving me this fantastic story to read, and thank you for doing a book review about my books too.

From Vilu