An Insight Into Children’s Publishing


The Warwick Words June festival started yesterday and I spent a fascinating morning at Paula Hubbard’s excellent workshop ‘Children’s Publishing – The Inside Story’.

Three of my fellow StoryVine members and I joined a roomful children’s authors and illustrators, some published, some yet-to-be, all of us furiously scribbling down gems of information and advice.  Paula gave us a great insight into the publishing process, taking us through the life-cycle of a new book: from the moment a promising manuscript arrives at a publishing house, through all the different stages (including editing, illustration and marketing) to the actual publication … and beyond. Paula’s colleague Tracy Kewley was also on hand to tell us about her experiences as both author and editor. In what seemed a very short three hours we had a look at the raw material of a just submitted story, considered how to fit it into the required word count and chapter breaks, and tried our hands at proof reading – all trickier than it sounds!

Paula (second from right) is the Publishing Director of Springboard Stories, an innovative bi-monthly educational publication which links a new storybook to a host of inspiring cross-curricular activities and information – read more here.

The Warwick Words festival continues over the weekend (read more here) and StoryVine are very excited about our own children’s workshop on Sunday morning!

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