Competition Winner

miathis is the winning story from my Barford St Peter’s World Book Day Challenge 2015

The Magical Jigsaw

            by Mia (aged 10)

Yet another rainy day. Climbing up the stairs to the attic. I’m at the top of the stairs, staring at the attic door. I open the door. Nothing catches my eye, but then …

I see a beautiful jigsaw with children playing on the deck of a ship and waving. I wish I could be there, but I am scared of water.

I started to get the jigsaw out. There was one piece left. Then in a flash of smoke a little girl popped out of the jigsaw. Her name was Beth and she said, ‘Come and play with us on the ship.’

‘But’, I said, ‘I am scared of water.’

‘If you’re scared on the ship, all you need to do is rub the jigsaw piece and you will be back home.’

It was time to face my fear. I went on the ship. At first I was really nervous, but then I realised that nothing was going to happen to me.

Beth said to me, ‘Come and play.’ I thought she meant play snap or something, but she meant swim with dolphins. So I did! It felt amazing because I was on a dolphin jumping in the bright blue sea.

When the sun was falling, I said to Beth ‘It’s time for me to go.’ So I rubbed the jigsaw twice and … in a blink of an eye I was home.

I ran down to my Nan and declared, ‘I’m not scared of water any more.’

And she said, ‘You did the jigsaw, didn’t you?’



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