Important Note: while you are most welcome to print and share these poems and pictures, the copyright remains with Jenny Heap.

19th September 2014 is ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ …

I Want to Sail on a Pirate Ship

pirate mice

I want to sail on a pirate ship
	Over the ocean blue.
I want to follow a treasure map
	With a motley pirate crew.
To row ashore to a desert isle
 	And dig among the dunes.
I want to break open an old oak chest
 	That’s brimful of golden dubloons.

I want to sail on a pirate ship
	With an eyepatch and a cutlass.
I want to climb to the high crows’ nest
	Scanning the sea with my spy glass.
And when I espy a merchant ship
	I’ll shout out ‘Ship Ahoy!’
To the pirates beneath, all armed to the teeth,
	From the captain to cabin boy.

I want to sail on a pirate ship.
	I want to lead the attack.
With a pistol and sword I’ll clamber aboard –
	My shipmates at my back.
We’ll hoist our Jolly Roger,
	Then we’ll line up the enemy crew,
And set them adrift in an open boat,
	Unless they become pirates too.

I want to sail on a pirate ship,
	But I’ve never learned to swim.
A hook or a peg-leg is all very well,
	But I’d rather have all my own limbs.
I don’t like rum and I can’t stand rats –
	And I don’t want to walk the plank!
I want to sail on a pirate ship,
	But what would I do if it sank?

			by Jenny Heap


Summer 2014: With all those School Sports Days taking place in the sunshine – an alternative poem about sports at school for the less sporty:

The Day We Got To Choose

football hands

Me and my friend Emily – we’re not very good at games.
So when they’re picking teams the outcome’s always much the same.
It really is enough to get us both down in the dumps
As we stand there on the sports field in our PE kit and pumps.
For despite our can-do attitude and the power of positive thinking
It’s hard to keep your spirits up when feel your spirits sinking.
‘Cos we both know the form by now and how it’s going to end:
First they pick the sporty kids, and then they pick their friends,
And all the pushy bossy ones, the loudest in the class,
While the rest of us stand shuffling, hoping we won’t be the last.
But last week Mrs Porter, who teaches us PE,
Selected two new captains – Emily and me.
I couldn’t quite believe my ears, didn’t know quite what to think,
Then I looked across at Emily and exchanged a knowing wink.
For we knew we’d find the process infinitely more amusing
The day me and my friend Emily got to do the choosing.

First of all I picked Eliza, ‘cos she’s usually the last,
While Emily chose Sanjay, who can’t run very fast.
Ashanti shouted, ‘Choose me! Everybody knows I’m best!’
So I chose Sally who got ‘E’ in this week’s spelling test.
We selected Soppy Sasha, Lanky Lei and Mini Mel.
Then I picked Frank ‘cos Anne-Marie told everyone he smells.
Keith Carter called out ‘Choose me! No other kid’s as quick!’
But we went for Dan and Daisy ‘cos their dog’s been really sick.
Mrs Porter whispered, ‘Emily, why not pick Juan or Dean?’
So Emily chose Kwame who is never rough or mean.

And when we’d picked out all the kids who are always second fiddle
We counted up the others and just split them down the middle.
Then we got Keith and Ashanti to hand out all the vests
And sort everyone’s positions out (we knew that they’d know best).
Mrs Porter blew her whistle. I gave Emily a grin
And said we’d thrash her team – well, everybody likes to win.

So one team won and one team lost – and it didn’t matter whose.
It was the best game ever, the day we got to choose.

                                                by Jenny Heap


3rd October 2013 will be National Poetry Day.

Here are some poems in celebration of the 2013 theme of Water:




Rainbow Cinquain

rainbow cinquain

The New Bathroom

Oooh isn’t it lovely!
my Grandma said,
We never had such things -
A bath with jets that squirt you while you sit
and bubbles that tickle all your tickly bits.

When I was a girl,
she said,
Jets came from a Fairy Lquid bottle
squirted by our Mum,
with bubbles courtesy
of my little brother’s bum.

What’s that, Pet?
It’s a what room?
A wet-room?
Well not as wet
as after we’d been in the tub, I’ll bet!

And who?
Oh, eco-friendly too?

But then again,
my Grandma said,
We’d get a drink of water from the tap.
We didn’t have to travel quite so far
and bring it home in bottles in the car.

And how we would have laughed,
she said,
at the very notion
of an island of plastic floating
in the Pacific Ocean.

                                        by Jenny Heap

The Tap

the Tap 2

She's like a dripping tap.
A constant 'plip plip plap'
   of sneers and jeers 
   and dear-oh-dears,
clogging up the gap
between my ears.

                           by Jenny Heap


July 2013 – A poem to complement Springboard Stories Sea issue:

Sand Witches

sand witch castle

In the summer, nothing’s nicer than
	A day beside the sea.
You can take some crisps, and rolls, and cake,
	Squash and a flask of tea.
Yes, you’re sure to have a lovely day -
	A party on the beach,
But be wary of the Sand Witches
	And stay out of their reach.

Though they’re rarely ever sighted, being
	Very quick to hide,
If you see a cave, there’s sure to be
	At least one witch inside.
They’re not evil, but they’re naughty and
	They love to have a joke
So take care among the rock pools or
	You’ll be in for a soak!

Sand Witches are full of mischief
	And they like to cause a fuss -
Such as burying the car keys so
	You must go home by bus.
One might trip you when your hands are full
	Of dripping ice cream cones,
While another casts a spell and fills
	Your empty shoes with stones.

So the next time that the wind whips off
	Your father’s baseball hat,
Or you’ve built a brilliant castle and
	A freak wave knocks it flat,
If your mum mislays the seashells she’s
	Collected all the day,
Then you’ll know you've all been victims of
	The Sand Witches at play.

			by Jenny Heap